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:: Easily create invoices ‘On-The-Fly’ with FileMaker Invoicing.
:: Made with FileMaker
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:: I-Invoice Anything
Solution Name:
I-Invoice Anything

App / Software Category:
Invoicing / Billing Software

a) From US$9.95 only for single user iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone version b) Please contact us for pricing on the multiuser Cloud version to connect multiple iPads, iPhones, Mac and PC desktop and laptop.

App Version:
Single or Multiuser for IOS devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac & Windows via Cloud Server.

Related Solutions:
CRM - Client Relationship Management Software

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, Mac & Windows desktop and laptop via Cloud Server

Industries used in:
Small Business, Freelance,

Purpose of this app:
Easily create invoices ‘On-The-Fly’ with FileMaker Invoicing.

Download FMGo

:: Description
I-Invoice Anything
I-Invoice Anything

Easily create invoices ‘On-The-Fly’ with FileMaker Invoicing.

I-Invoice Anything may be customized and fully integrated with the FileMaker CRM module of the OMB-OnMyBusiness System.

OMB CRM is the CRM-Hub for business workflow and information around companies, contacts and communication such a emails and phone calls, visits, notes, etc.

Beside running on Mac and Windows desktops and laptops, most FileMaker solutions can be deployed as multi user and remote apps on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Cloud Computing Services:
We offer to deploy FileMaker solutions on the Cloud, for you to access your data whenever you connected to the internet and usiing the benefit of mobile computing.
:: Features
I-Invoice Anything
‘On-The-Fly’ invocing from anywhere with an internet connection
Invoicing, easily create invoices, customer database,
Built-in Product database, easy look-up of up-to-date product information from the Cloud
Built-in Customer database, easy look-up of up-to-date customer information from the Cloud
Mobile computing on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
Cloud Computing lets you connect all your.

Optional Features:
Web browser based access to your data with FileMaker Web Direct
FileMaker Web Direct allows you to edit and access your data through the web directly. We are happy to discuss this option with you if you need to access this FileMaker solution through the web browser. With this FileMaker bespoke solution, you are able to use browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Android, to access / edit your data remotely. FileMaker Web Direct hosting requires a dedicated FileMaker Server 13 Setup.
:: Benefits
I-Invoice Anything
1. Create invoices ‘On-The-Fly’
2. Mobile app, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
3. Cloud Services enabled for Mac and Windows desktop and desktop
4. Multi user on Cloud Services
5. eMail PDF invoices to customers
:: Requirements
I-Invoice Anything
System Requirements

1. Single user: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
2. Multiuser: Cloud Services, Mac and Windows, connected iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Technical requirements*

Windows® XP/VISTA/7 Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

Application FileMaker Pro: To be purchased from
FileMaker Pro 12 for Mac
FileMaker Pro 12 for Windows

For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
Free FileMaker GO Applications: download from
Free FileMaker Go for iPhone
Free FileMaker Go for iPad and iPad2
Free FileMaker Go for iPod Touch

For FileMaker Cloud Computing:
Fast Internet Connection
Cloud Server subscription account

For FileMaker RunTime Version:
Modern PC or better Apple Mac
(RunTime only, if available)

*Must fit minimum requirements as to FileMaker Pro 12 as per FileMaker web site.

New FileMaker feature: Web Direct
- Easily and quickly deploy a solution to anyone with a compatible web browser without using web authoring tools or other technologies
- Access data from most devices, whether from a home office or while traveling
- Import or export records and container data
- Deploy a custom web application by hiding and locking the menu bar and status toolbar

FileMaker WebDirect is a FileMaker® client that enables users to interact with your solutions on the web. You create solutions using FileMaker Pro and then host, manage, and configure your solutions on FileMaker Server.
Web users don’t need to install additional software—anyone with compatible web browser software and access to the Internet or an intranet can connect to your FileMaker WebDirect solution to view, edit, sort, or search records, if you give them access privileges. With
FileMaker WebDirect, edits made in the web browser are automatically saved on the server, and the server automatically pushes updates to the web browser.

Note: FileMaker Server 13 features require FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Go 13. WebDirect features require a dedicated server set-up.
:: Made with FileMaker
Online Mobile Solutions
iPad on the Cloud
:: Invoicing - 'On The Fly'
Billing ‘On-The-Fly’.
With the 'I Invoice Anything' version you are able to track your work, generate PDF invoices ‘On-The-Fly’, send invoices / bills by PDF / email to your customers immediately.

With the Cloud version, your invoices will accessible on your Mac or Windows laptop or desktop in your office or at home and fully integrated to your accounting system.
:: Mobile Billing
'I Invoice Anything' allows you to generate your bills / invoice straight after your customer visit.
:: Built-in Products / Service
'I Invoice Anything' has a built-in products / services database to make it easy for you to look-up product / services details, such as specifications, pricing, costing, availability, and much more.
:: Built-in Customer Database
'I Invoice Anything' has a built-in customer database to make it easy for you to look-up customer details, such as outstanding payments, past work, contact names and more.
:: Online Billing Software
With the 'I Invoice Anything' online billing software program you can write your bills and invoices in the field, ‘On-The-Fly’.
:: Online Billing App
Works great with devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac & Windows via Cloud Server.
:: Two Versions
1. Single user on iPad. iPhone, iPod Touch

2. Cloud Version, multi user, connecting all devices such as Mac,Windows, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch.
:: Customizable
I-Invoice Anything' is highly customisable by us at a very reasonable price.

We are able to add-on or change 'I Invoice Anything' to you specifications. Please talk to us.
:: FileMaker Cloud Services
Made with FileMaker and hosted on FileMaker Cloud Servers, FileMaker Go is the leading business database app for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone.

Use FileMaker Go to remotely access your custom business solutions on your device. View, edit and search for your information and easily share with your team.
:: Data Synchronisation
Fast internet connections let you auto-synchronize your data between the mobile devises, such as iPad and iPhone ‘On-The-Fly’, with your office or home computer, we also offer optional manual synchronization modules in the case of not sufficient internet connections.
:: Integration
The I-Invoice Anything can be fully integrated with the FileMaker based OMB - OnMyBusiness Package modules.
:: iPad | iPhone Screenshots
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Mobile Invoicing on iPad and iPhone ‘On-The-Fly’
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Invoicing on iPad and iPhone with product database included
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Invoicing on iPad and iPhone. Easily compose invoices
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Invoicing on iPad and iPhone ‘On-The-Fly’
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Invoicing on iPad and iPhone. List invoice by paid and unpaid.
  • I-Invoice Anything
    I-Invoice Anything
    Invoicing on iPad and iPhone with customer database included
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for Mac and Windows
will be arriving soon!
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Downloads for iPad, iPod touch & iPhone here! >> click here!

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Open this page from your iPad or iPhone to download!

'I-Invoice Anything' via Cloud Server

Benefits of FileMaker Cloud Computing, or SaaS - Software as a Service

In the past, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. FileMaker Cloud Computing gives companies a great alternative. Now, they can connect and subscribe to their online databases with devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and windows desktop and laptop via the Internet. The FileMaker Cloud Computing model has flourished in recent years because of the many benefits it offers to businesses of all sizes and types. Read more ...
FileMaker Cloud Computing for iPad and iPhone